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Frequently Asked Questions

this section is here to answer all your questions, please contact us if you have any more!

Are these sheets really authentic?

All sheets that are sold as authentic Sailor Jerry flash sheets were drawn and colored by Sailor Jerry Collins himself. When you contact us, we can tell you the story about how each sheet got from Sailor Jerry Collins to us. No client has ever been disappointed with their purchase, indeed, everyone is extremely happy with their sheets. Once you hold these sheets you can feel the history behind them. Copies are available apon request.

Can I pay by credit card?

We do not take credit cards or personal checks for the original flash sheets. We prefer cashiers checks. Please contact us for more information about payment.

How do you ship?

Due to the nature of the merchandise, shipping is up to the purchaser. We suggest using Fed-Ex and insuring the shipment for the value of the vintage tattoo sheets.

How about my privacy?

The privacy of all our clients is guaranteed.

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